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High-value computers for every use case

We build machines that are faster and more reliable than anything else on the market at any given price point.

About Us

A PC Supremacy Company

We are a team of computer enthusiasts on a mission to enable high-performance computing environments for high-performing individuals. We take computers seriously

Every system is built to order, by hand, by a skilled technician.

Hands-on experience with industry-grade computers

Extreme Stress & Benchmark Tests

Lifetime Support for Repairs & Upgrades

Our Services


Every drop of speed and productivity is extracted to deliver a great computing experience regardless of workload.


Each component is selected to offer maximum compatibility and easy, drop-in replacements/upgrades.


No corner is cut just to fit an arbitrary price tag. The build budget is distributed to ensure trouble-free operation for extended time periods.


We walk the fine line between diminishing returns and diminished utility. All of our systems are obsessively balanced.

Our Features

For businesses:

Whether your requirement is a general purpose office computer, a powerful workstation or a reliable and energy efficient server, our purpose-built machines will get the job done while saving you time and money.

Dedicated Priority Support

Zero downtime guarantee

Powerful Performance

Extremely responsive systems

For Mission-Critical Tasks

AI, ML, Designing or Engineering

Custom built as per needs

Energy Saving or Performance.
You Decide. We make.

Brand Personalization

Personalize PC’s with your Brand

Verified Genuine Parts

Every part we install is handpicked and verified by an expert

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Lifetime Support

A machine built by us will be backed by support for the rest of its operating life.

Workload acceleration

Should your intended use case change, we’ll be right beside you to optimize for your new requirements.

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