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Entry-level laptop that doesn’t suck – ASUS’s Vivobook 16X M1603QA-MB502WS is currently your best bet; features upgradable RAM, a modern hex-core H-class CPU, 16-inch IPS 16:10 display and good finishing kit. All of this is pretty rare in this range. If you value portability and an even better display, here’s a 14-inch OLED variant: X1405ZA-KM311WS(Intel parts are split into performance and efficiency cores).
Looking for something cheaper? Check out Basic Netbooks.

General ProductivityLenovo ThinkPad E14 20TAS14A00 – Thinkpads are workhorses, delivering durability, longevity and keyboards that are second-to-none in their price range. The anti-glare displays focus on conserving power rather than vibrant colours. Consider higher-end Variants for more compute power. For full-sized screen and numpads, look at Thinkpad E15 options.
*Incase you value portability and a better display above everything mentioned here, The Acer Swift Go SFG14-41 is a worthy alternative (available in both pink and silver).

Ultraportable – HP’s Pavilion Aero 13-be2056AU packs a lot of performance in a very small footprint; sporting the latest 6nm 6-core APU and 16GB of next gen. DDR5 memory. The 16:10 aspect display is very good and offers close to the same usable screen space as a regular 14-incher. 8-core version:- 13-be2048AU. These weigh just 970 grams each.

Want to go as light as possible? Fujitsu’s UH-X 4ZR1J37876 comes in at just 878 grams. It’s combination of build and excellent Sharp IGZO display makes it a worthy, business-class alternative.

Gaming / Workstation Lenovo Legion 5, Acer Nitro 5 – While the Legion represents top-tier gaming/performance laptop build quality, the Nitro is well-balanced from a value perspective. There are cheaper options available if build/longevity are not important but these are recommended in order to safeguard your investment. Special mention to the ASUS ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition for it’s 12GB VRAM AMD GPU and HP’s Omen 16-n0079AX. Both strike a great balance of build, performance and value at the high(er) end.

ConvertibleHP Envy x360, ASUS Flow X13 GV301RA-LJ031WS – 2-in-1s have to contend with build, cost allocation and design complexity challenges in order to accomodate a touch digitizer/360-degree hinge. As a result, they are not recommended unless touch/pen input are of primary importance. While the Envy x360 offers uncharacteristic build quality in this form-factor, the Flow X13(variations) add a performance focus.

Performance UltrabookASUS Zephyrus G14 – Billed as a compact gaming laptop, this also doubles as a near-ultrabook. Suitable for anyone looking for high-performance without completely sacrificing portability and battery life in exchange. Its excellent finishing kit (100% sRGB display, upgradable RAM/storage etc.) also diminish the few caveats to giving it a full recommendation (lack of integrated webcam for example). Acer’s Swift X SFX14-41G is a potential alternatives as it also provides 3D grunt via a dGPU in a compact footprint, as well as the Swift Go OLED SFG14-71 for its display and CPU-focus.

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